Arabic LOTE

Languages Other Than English

​Playford College is keen to see other community languages being offered to our students


At Playford College, we are proud to announce that the Arabic language is taught as LOTE (Languages Other Than English) to all year levels from Year 1 upwards. The content is geared for practical use of the language and takes a holistic approach to develop reading, comprehension, writing, listening and speaking skills. It allows for the cohesive development of language proficiency at a consistent and comfortable speed.

The Arabic Language is taught twice a week and we are confident that it will accelerate the fluency of Quran reading for all students. The Arabic Language is delivered by experienced educators and the teaching style is interactive, giving students the opportunity to learn with and from others. The teaching will include project-based inquiries and students will be expected to conduct research and present information in class. The Arabic Language is now part of the Australian Curriculum and its standards will be followed respectively.

We will teach Modern Standard Arabic introducing the Arabic alphabet, alongside grammar and essential communicative language. It will also offer cultural awareness of the Arabic and Islamic countries. The teaching in class will follow an inclusive approach where group work will be implemented to attain to every child’s needs. Our aim is to get children to love the Arabic Language, which will make learning fun and more achievable.

Playford College is keen to see other community languages being offered to our students. While this is currently not an option for the College to offer, it is keen to liaise with community groups who might be interested in starting a week-end school. The College may be an ideal venue for such a community based school.

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