Illumination Program

​The mantra of ‘respect’ is echoed and practised daily

The Illumination Program complements the Australian Curriculum, by providing students with an ethical and spiritual balance to the academic program. The Head of the Illumination Department is Abrahim Al-Zubeidi, and he is well assisted by qualified staff in delivering the Program to every student in the College. Playford College aims to provide students with ‘wisdom through faith and knowledge’ so that they are well prepared to enhance and improve their religious standards and behaviours through the teachings of Islam. We endeavour to create opportunities for greater awareness, positive experiences and maximising one’s potential. Through our knowledge of Islam, compassion and caring for others, we actively engage in creating a better world for our Muslim Ummah.

By its very name, the Illumination Program seeks to provide a well lit path for students to follow, hopefully for the rest of their lives. The Illumination Program will provide Islamic education according to the Ja’fari School of Thought (Ithna-Asheri) which emphasises adherence to the Holy Qur’an and the Ahal-al- Bayt of the Holy Prophet (saww), and to increase awareness of its divine and deeply rooted principles.

The Illumination Program is an integral means by which the College can assist parents in the education of their children in a total sense. The mantra of ‘respect’ is echoed and practised daily. In addition to striving to be the best we can be academically, we also strive to be the best we can be personally. This affects how we relate to others – at school, at home and in the wider community. Playford College is a stable and supportive environment for students to interact and socialise in. By providing support in daily life activities and their academic development the College also encourages and models appropriate moral behaviour. Through these teachings the student’s self-confidence and character will be highly valued and a credit to the Islamic community in Australia.

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