Values Program

Improving the character of our students

Salam alaykom Parents and Caregivers,

At Playford College we are constantly striving to develop and deliver programs to cater for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our students. One of the Programs we have introduced is the Values program. Every two or three weeks the whole school will have a Value in which we will focuss on collectively, from Primary to Middle school, from English to Science to Islamic studies.

We aim to focus on 20 Values which will be based from teachings and principles of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Qur’an. In this handout, we have outlined a schedule of the Values we will be focussing on. We have also included some tips for home as to how families can incorporate the Values into everyday life.

The purpose of communicating these Values with parents and caregivers is so that we can collectively work at improving the character of our students.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

With prayers and blessings,

Abrahim Al-zubeidi
Illumination Co-ordinator

Tips at home:

  • Be familiar with the Values and when they are being spoken about at school
  • Ask your child to tell what they have discussed at school with regards to the Values
  • Find time at home to be able to discuss with your child what the Value would look like at home, at the Mosque etc
  • Make sure you practice and lead by example and live by the Value that we are working on so that your child sees a role model of that Value at home
  • Use language at home to remind your child about Values they are learning
  • Praise the Values at home if you see your child practising the Value e.g. they finish all the food on their plate, they controlled their anger, they did something to respect their parents, they told the truth etc
The following table shows which Values will be address at school and when they would be addressed. Please be familiar with this table so that you may deliver the same message at home. In doing so, we will be working together to address the Values for the students and as a result we will be developing the character of the students. This table also outlines points of discussion to prompt dialogue between you and your child.

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