School Uniform

Representing our school in the best way

The School uniform is the most visible symbol of identity for students at Playford College. It is expected that all students take pride in their appearance and ensure their uniform is well-fitted, clean, neat and worn in a dignified and respectful manner during the school day, and while travelling to and from the School.

The uniform can only be purchased at Lowes, Shop 66 in the Elizabeth Shopping Centre.

Following are details of the correct uniform options for winter (Terms 2 and 3), summer (Terms 1 and 4) and PE (all year).

There may be occasions as designated by the School, (for example School excursions or photos) when parents will be provided with notification for the full formal uniform to be worn. Occasionally, you will also receive notification of days when the students are exempt from wearing the School uniform (for example, casual days and school camps). On these occasions it is still expected that the students be neat and take pride in their appearance.

Students must wear hats when they are outside from 1 September to 1 May. Students are required to wear the official Playford College hats. No other hats or caps are to be worn with the School uniform.


The School backpack is a compulsory item in the Primary School (Foundation to Year 6) and strongly encouraged in the Secondary School (Years 7 to 12).
All bags are specifically manufactured to support the students’ backs and to meet the unique and challenging demands of daily school use.

Boys from Foundation to Year 6 are required to wear the School Tie in Terms 2 and 3. Ties can be worn in Term 1 and 4 with the Summer uniform, but it is not compulsory. Whenever a tie is worn, the top shirt button must be fastened and the tie done up.

Summer Uniform

Boys wear a short sleeved white shirt with Playford College logo – available from Lowes.
Boys wear summer grey shorts.
Boys wear white socks and black shoes. Boys in Reception and Year 1 may wear black shoes with Velcro straps.
All students wear a Playford College bucket hat for play, PE lessons and School sport.

Winter Uniform

Boys wear a white long sleeve shirt with School tie. Long pants – school design.
Boys wear white socks and black shoes. Boys in Reception and Year 1 may wear black shoes with velcro straps.
Boys wear the tie and blazer as part of the Winter Uniform. Boys can choose to wear the School jumper.
Students are allowed to wear their sports uniform to and from School when they have Physical Education lessons.
Based on advice from the Cancer Council, boys can choose not to wear hats from 1 May to 1 September.

Girls wear a long sleeved white shirt winter tunic (School design) and tights.
Girls wear the blazer as part of the Winter Uniform. Girls can choose to wear the School jumper.
Girls wear black shoes; Reception – Year 1 girls can wear black shoes with Velcro straps.

The head scarf for girls is not sold at Lowes. Playford College uniform calls for a plain white head scarf, and girls are encouraged to wear this part of the School uniform from Year 3.

Physical Education Uniform

The Physical Education (PE) uniform must be worn in any PE classes and as directed. Girls are to wear long sleeved polo shirt from Year 3.
There are different track suit pants for boys and for girls.
Students at Playford College are allocated to one of four Houses – House of Fatimah (green), House of Mariam (blue), House of Asiya (yellow) and House of Zainab (red). Students are encouraged to purchase a polo shirt in the colour of their House to participate in the various Carnivals and House Activities which take place throughout the year.

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